Lissa Moon LaCroix

Lissa Moon LaCroix


California native and longtime Oaklander, Lissa Moon is a veteran of the apparel and textile world. She spent decades working/living/gallivanting in and around Europe, Asia, and Latin America. She first brought her design-obsession and client-centered finesse into Real Estate while living in Portland years ago and is now licensed both in Oregon and California. After stints in Barcelona, Los Angeles, and, eventually, Portland, Oregon, Lissa Moon's adventures landed her right back where she started: the beautiful East Bay.

When Lissa Moon and her partner set out to become parents almost a decade ago, the joy of finding, buying, and perfecting their first family home opened up new channels for her creativity. This led her into real estate where she guides others to the same solace. As an LGBTQIA+ parent, she is relentless and pronounced in her mission to provide all families and all individuals with top-notch care and consideration. 

In a process that can seem daunting, Lissa Moon is a voice of calm, assertion, and reason. She’ll even give you a laugh or two.



As partners, collaboration is our strongest asset and we believe this gives us more opportunities to fully support our clients through all aspects of the home buying or selling process.

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